Blueberry Cookies Strain Information

Blueberry Cookies is an Indica Hybrid strain that consumers rave about for its unique flavor profile, sedating effects, and benefits. It is a strain that anyone would enjoy, so brands have continued to use it throughout the years when developing a line-up of alternative products. From its potency to its Spanish origins, Blueberry Cookies is definitely one of the industry’s most special strains.

Blueberry Cookies is an incredibly unique strain that has become a hit amongst consumers. The strain was developed by Dinafem Seeds, a famed Spanish breeder. The seed company made the strain by bringing together Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strains. Blueberry Cookies is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain that produces a fascinating flavor, which is comprised of a unique blend of terpenes. It has a very distinct taste, similar to fresh blueberries, roasted nuts, and mint. While it can produce great tastes, it’s very capable of producing extraordinary effects as well, giving off a sedative-like experience that will relax both the body and mind.

Strain TypeIndica-Dominant Hybrid
Strain ParentsBlueberry Tahoe
Thin Mint GSC
Strain FlavorsBlueberries
Roasted Nuts
Strain EffectsSedative

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