DazeD8 White Widow THC-O Flower

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The DazeD8 White Widow THC-O Flower is a premium Indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers an intensely psychoactive experience. This flower has a unique and powerful aroma, with notes of earthy sweetness and a hint of spice. Its flavor is earthy and sweet, with a hint of skunk. The high is intense and balanced, providing a euphoric and sedative effect that will leave you feeling relaxed and content. The White Widow THC-O Flower is a powerful strain that is sure to provide a satisfying experience.

With this flower, you’ll enjoy 9 grams of THC-O and a perfect terpene blend that recreates the famed White Widow strain. Between the two, you’ll be sent off into space numerous times, while at the same time enjoying the unique flavor that it offers. The THC-O Premium Flower is made using 100% USA-grown organic hemp and is stored in a sealed bag to ensure its quality and freshness.

If you are wanting to get the full experience, flower is definitely the way to go. From grinding it to rolling it to the actual act of smoking, you’ll feel the full effects, and the highly potent THC-O extract is another bonus. Enjoy DazeD8 White Widow THC-O Flower now with this coupon for the lowest price possible.

DazeD8 White Widow THC-O Flower
DazeD8 White Widow THC-O Flower
$43.96 $54.95

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