Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart Review

If there is one cartridge on the market that we were bound to review, it’s definitely the Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart. It is easily one of the products we’ve used most, because of the low price, convenience, flavor, and effects you receive. While it isn’t a disposable device, if you have a good 510-capable device with a pre-heat function, it’s one of the best carts on the market to experience Delta 8. In this Delta 8 Cart Review, we’ll share our thoughts on the cartridge, the extract, and what we think about the strain.


Cartridge Review

What we think about the cartridge

The Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart is exceptionally pleasing to use. It’s extremely compact, compatible with all 510-threaded devices, and is about as simple as it gets, and the price is reflected in that. The cart has a 1mL capacity, allowing you to experience 1 gram of distillate. To give you the performance and flavor you desire, alongside consistent hits, the cartridge features an integrated ceramic coil. While it is one of our favorite carts to use, we cannot help but point out that it will clog sometimes if you aren’t using a device that features a built-in pre-heat function. The pre-heat function is needed to heat the distillate before use.


Extract Review

What we think about the cannabinoids

We’ve tried several Delta 8 products during our cannabis journey, and very few compare to the quality and potency of Delta Extrax. What they put on the label adds up to the effects you receive, which is why we continue to believe it’s one of the most reliable brands on the market. The cartridge has a 1mL capacity and contains 1 gram of Delta 8 distillate, alongside strain-specific terpenes. When using the Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart, we were certainly pleased with the effects. It was a feeling of calm that rushed throughout our body, leaving us with a lasting euphoric experience that put both our mind and body at ease.


Strain Review

What we think about the strain

Although we’ve dabbled into several strains with this cartridge, it is the Grand Daddy Purp strain that we enjoyed most. It’s one of the most popular strains on the market and it has become one of our favorites because of the delicious flavor these terpenes provide. Grand Daddy Purp (GDP) is an Indica strain that was created in 2003 by Ken Estes. It was made by crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains. What’s so impressive about it, and why it’s ultimately one of our favorites is because of the blend of grape and berry flavors it provides, which makes for one of the most flavorsome vapes you’ve had yet.

Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart

The Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart is easily one of our favorite carts to use. In fact, we’ve used several of these carts merely for the price that they’re available for. The cart is compatible with all 510-threaded devices and contains 1 gram of Delta 8 distillate. It’s infused with the Grand Daddy Purp strain, giving you an effective and flavorful experience.
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Affordable and Satisfying

The Delta Extrax Grand Daddy Purp Delta 8 Cart is a product that we found to be both affordable and satisfying. While you get very little, in terms of the amount that’s inside the cart, the price you pay is equally matched. Discounted, $18.69 for 1 gram is totally fair. The cart is compatible with any 510-threaded device and contains a blend of Delta 8 and Grand Daddy Purp terpenes, giving it a delicious grape flavor. Where we’ve run into problems is the clogging. The cart will clog sometimes, that’s why we recommend using a device that has a pre-heat function for the best experience. As a result, we gave this product an 8.4 score.

  • Disposable Cartridge Design
  • Compatible With All 510-Threaded Devices
  • Delta 8 and Terpenes Blend
  • Sweet Grape Flavor
  • Grand Daddy Purp Strain
  • Very Affordable
  • Only 1 Gram
  • Clogs Sometimes
  • Requires Device With Pre-Heat Function

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