Pastor Wants To Attract People Who Smell Like Weed To Church by Starting Cannabis Business

As absurd as it sounds, there is nothing but the truth to our title. A pastor, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the latest viral sensation, as he has an ingenious plan to attract new people to church. To bring them to the gathering place, the pastor has an idea to start a cannabis business.

The new cannabis business would be created by the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, with Pastor Jamal Bryant in the lead. He shared his big idea on a podcast that was published on December 7th, telling the host that he wants to get more people in his church, especially Black men, and people who “smell like weed.” Pastor Bryant added that there would be a chance that the church could help “those men” find jobs where they can work in the cannabis industry legally.

I’m mindful that I’m not after Christians. I’m after people who don’t go to church. Churches are just recycling people from other churches. I’m looking for people who smell like weed.

Pastor Jamal Bryant

The pastor isn’t crazy, though. His goal is to “be able to bring in Black males. They’re able to do it legally. Teaching them farming, helping them to enhance the ecosystem.” he added. After the interview took place and was published for the world to see, it went viral. As a result, the pastor wanted to clarify his statements and elaborate more on his plan by sharing the following:

I want people who smell like smoke because I believe these are the people God is looking for and too many of us have become so puffed up in our self-appointed sanctification that we fail to do outreach. In no uncertain terms is cannabis, hemp a ploy, or distraction from winning souls to Christ.

If you don’t already think that Pastor Bryant’s plan or ideaology behind it is ludacris, you will after finding out that the marijuana laws in Georgia are tighter than other states that Medical marijuana is legal. Even in Georgia, the program is very strict. Recreational marijuana use is still illegal, so we, along with many others, are a bit confused on how the pastor plans to pull this off.

A pastor planning to start a cannabis business at his church and hopes to attract people who smell like weed to teach them how to grow it? I mean, we are nearing 2023.

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